Our Procurement policy

The Procurement department adheres to the Shared Values set by AGC's Group Vision "Look Beyond", namely Innovation & Operational Excellence, Environment, Integrity and Diversity, so as to accomplish its mission. This involves working as one team to establish a reliable and sustainable supply chain of products, energy and services, at the right cost and quality level, through the development of long-term trusted relationships with our suppliers, services providers and business partners, in order to support the business priorities, enhance AGC competitiveness and optimize the group financial results.

As a matter of principle, any purchase carried out by any authorized AGC employee (herein referred to as “Purchasers”) has to be performed professionally and with integrity, in the application of all the requirements of the Group Code of Conduct and of the guidelines set out in the AGC purchasing procedure, more specifically:


Procurement involvement       

As a general rule, the Procurement department must be directly involved since the very beginning of the sourcing process of goods and services whenever their nature, scope or amount is set within the rules detailed in the AGC purchasing procedure. For these purchasing categories, the selection of the suppliers is fully delegated to the Procurement department. 

Supplier selection 

The Procurement department seeks to do business with persons and companies that respect similar principles to the ones of our Group Code of Conduct. Supplier level of commitment to these principles is one of the key criteria for the selection. We expect that our suppliers select their own suppliers and subcontractors in a way that contributes to support these principles. To ensure this, the Procurement department may issue surveys, perform Audits,  attach the Code of conduct to the consultation documents or include their terms in the contractual clauses.

Conflicts of interest

The Purchasers and all the procurement process stakeholders act in the exclusive interest of the AGC Group. They avoid any relationship of dependence with any supplier and all situations leading to a conflict of interests. Furthermore, they fully comply with the gifts and entertainment policy. As a result, they are not permitted to accept any personal benefit that may affect their ability to work in the best interest of AGC (see principles 10 & 11 of the Code of Conduct).

Environment & Sustainability

The Procurement department contributes to the realization of the company environmental targets and the sustainability of its business model. For this purpose, we strive to:

  • include environmental targets as supplier selection criteria, 
  • carefully select the specification of the products and materials we purchase, their origin, their proper means of transport and disposal,
  • challenge our current suppliers on their environmental performances versus our environmental targets,
  • cooperate with our suppliers to decrease the total environmental impact of the good and services they provide.
  • promote actions to foster green energy consumption and decrease natural resources usage.

Occupational health and safety

Purchasers adhere to the « No production without assurance of safety » policy and actively participate in the promotion of the OH & S activities in their sphere of influence. In particular:

  • Service providers and external contacts must comply with AGC safety rules when entering AGC facilities. 
  • Selected suppliers must comply with the norms and regulations related to the safety of the products, materials or services they deliver to AGC (like for example the CE directives). 
  • The Procurement department encourages our business partners to follow the latest international standards in term of safe loading and cargo securing.

Export controls 

The Procurement department complies with international trade law and export controls.

Conflict minerals

The Procurement department follows the Conflict Minerals legislation and is engaged in promoting the responsible mineral sourcing as set forth in the “AGC Group responsible mineral sourcing policy”. 


In order to protect AGC confidential information and intellectual property, Purchasers request their business partners to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to any exchanges of confidential information. A confidentiality clause is also included in each new contract, providing that each Party undertakes not to reveal to anyone, any confidential information disclosed by the other Party under the Agreement. The specific confidentiality undertakings set out in these agreements shall remain in force for their whole duration and for an additional 10 years after their expiration.
In addition to the foregoing, AGC complies with the Applicable Data Protection Laws and in particular with the Regulation of the European Parliament on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (or the “General Data Protection Regulation” or the “GDPR”). 

J-SOX compliance

The procurement operations are subject to strict controls that provide reasonable assurance of the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations, reliability of financial reporting and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.



Our procurement organization


Purchases by AGC Glass Europe can be divided into various categories: from raw materials to industrial supplies and energy, as well as office equipment, IT equipment, investment in production plant, service contracts and so on.

The categories are particular to each business within the group, or in certain cases apply to all its activities.

The different categories can in turn be classified into four levels: 

  • Corporate purchases (covering the requirements of AGC Glass Europe as a whole)
  • Division purchases (covering the requirements of one of the two divisions)
  • Regional purchases (used by different sites in the same region)
  • Local purchases (used by a single site)


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The supplier relationship program


AGC believes the next step towards procurement excellence can be achieved through a better integration with its key partners, because these key suppliers drive innovation and/or can be a source of additional value and competitive advantage. For this reason, AGC has developed a methodology aiming at creating mutually beneficial additional value from its collaboration with these key suppliers called “AGC SRM program”. It is based on trust and a fair sharing of risks and rewards. For AGC and its participating partners, this added value can take different forms, from risk reduction (security of supplies, business continuity), decrease of total cost (efficiency, working capital,..) to mutual growth (co-development of new products, added-value services, etc…).

Do not hesitate to contact one of our category manager if you wish more information or you would like to step in the program.


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