AGC and Helexia implement one of the largest rooftop photovoltaic self-consumption plants in Spain

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Our roadmap to carbon neutrality

AGC's holistic approach to achieve CO2-neutral glass production by 2050, not only includes decarbonising the glass production processes but also eliminating all CO2 emissions from the supply chain upstream of our processes and other indirect emissions





AGC purchases green electricity from 14 Luminus wind turbines 

AGC Glass Europe has signed an electricity purchase agreement with Luminus (Belgium) for the supply of 67 GWh of green electricity.

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Low-Carbon glass 

With the launch of a Low-Carbon glass range, AGC is now offering its customers glass, which – from the extraction of raw materials to final installation – generates more than 40% less CO2 than our standard glass.



AGC continues to expand production of low embodied CO2 float glass

The AGC plant in Seingbouse (France) has also started producing Low-Carbon Glass, marking the next step in the planned long-term Group-wide rollout! 

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Our carbon footprint in 2022

As part of our strategy and environmental targets, our carbon footprint is assessed on a yearly basis. We report and account for our corporate GHG emissions across our entire value chain.

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AGC and Saint-Gobain Partner for the Decarbonization of Flat Glass Manufacturing

AGC and Saint-Gobain announced that they are collaborating on the design of a pilot breakthrough flat glass line that is expected to reduce very significantly its direct CO2 emissions. 

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Local sourcing of sand

“Just good enough” sands allowed AGC to reduce the transport needed, decrease the processing actions, reduce waste and our use of natural resources.

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Glass recycling

Glass is endlessly recyclable like no other product. Our main objective is to use as much glass cullet as possible in our production processes.




Filter dust recycled
in 2022

AGC Glass Europe favours recycling DeSOx waste wherever possible as raw material for the production of glass.

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