Diversity at AGC

Diversity is a fundamental pillar of the AGC culture. The company believes in diversity as a source of strength and growth. By creating an environment where everyone feels not only accepted, but also valued for their differences, an organisation fosters the optimum conditions for innovation and problem-solving.


Equity at AGC

Equity is about “fair play”, an essential principle that underpins all decisions and actions. AGC is committed to ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of their personal characteristics. By promoting fairness, the company strengthen not only itself, but also the society as a whole.


Inclusion at AGC

Inclusion is another fundamental principle that guides the company’s daily actions. AGC strives to create an environment where everyone feels fully integrated and valued. By fostering a culture of inclusion, teams benefit from a diversity of ideas and perspectives, strengthening the ability to innovate and even meet the challenges of the market.


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DEI dashboard

Since the launch of our WOMEN@AGC initiative in 2010, AGC Glass Europe has made significant progress in promoting diversity and inclusion. In 2022, the company took a crucial step by introducing its first DEI Dashboard. Based on key performance indicators (KPIs), it enables to track progress in key areas such as gender diversity, pay gaps and the representation of diverse nationalities. 

AGC Glass Europe wants to create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected and can develop their unique talents. Using the DEI Dashboard, the causes of any differences/gaps are analysed and taken seriously.  The management is committed to improving these indicators with initiatives to be found and taken. The Dashboard will be updated every six months and information and new initiatives will be shared and tracked for all members of the organisation.




gender balance

Gender balance
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Women in senior management

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More than 60 nationalities



DE&I Circles

To encourage concrete actions, several DE&I circles were established in eight different sites across Europe, both in  architectural and automotive plants. Video’s were made to proclaim the DEI status and objectives. First to measure and improve HR processes to achieve the vision and increase awareness within the company and have management involved.

The first internal DEI Convention took place bringing representatives from the above mentioned DEI circles together to share ideas and experiences, to discuss new actions, to create a strong community united by a common goal, to advance the company on the path of DEI. Each DEI circle will locally implement best practices, share thoughts and ideas, and work on possible action plans relating to recruitment, well-being and assuring diversity, equity and inclusion behavior. Watch the video of the convention :




Contributing to a sustainable future



Committed to sustainability

We consider Sustainability as a fundamental part of our Corporate Social Values and a prerequisite in all our activities.

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Our roadmap to carbon neutrality

AGC's holistic approach to achieve CO2-neutral glass production by 2050, not only includes decarbonising the glass production processes but also eliminating all CO2 emissions from the supply chain upstream of our processes and other indirect emissions. 

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Life at AGC

At AGC, you change the world with innovative materials, technology and solutions. Working closely in an inclusive and international team, your ideas and expertise take on new value. And following the highest performance and ethical standards, the challenges you overcome will improve daily life for millions of people.

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