energy saving agc

Energy saving

During icy winter months when you want to stay warm and snug, thermal insulated glazing helps to prevent heat loss and wasted energy.
sustainable comfort agc

Sustainable comfort

Better for you and better for our world: you can now save energy, create energy and enhance your wellbeing with the latest windows and glass products. Designed to be sustainable and beneficial to society, they go beyond beautiful design to create a positive impact. Feel good at home with AGC.
Enhancing wellbeing agc

Enhancing wellbeing

A home should enhance your wellbeing and make you feel protected. The latest glass technologies are making interiors healthier, stronger, safer.
Sustainable energy agc

Sustainable energy

Can you imagine a window generating clean energy? It’s now possible, with glass that captures the sun’s rays and transforms them into electricity.
Sustainable design agc

Sustainable design

Want to protect our planet while designing your ultimate home? You can have style, comfort and green credentials with stunning sustainable options.
Lifecycle concept agc

Lifecycle concept

To be environmentally sound, you need the whole story - from sourcing to the end of a product’s life. The Cradle to Cradle philosophy does just that.