AGC’s exclusive anti-reflective glass with a special coating on either side makes windows and displays practically invisible!


Shoppers and museum visitors all know the problem … windows are not as see-through as they pretend to be! Light reflecting off traditional display glass is a nuisance. Objects displayed behind the glass are then harder to see and lighting systems are needed to compensate.

For those professionals who need to showcase objects – to be studied, admired or purchased – light reflection is more than a nuisance … it’s a mission-critical problem. Great displays catch attention and draw customers inside. And show art to its full value.

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AGC Glass Europe wanted to solve this problem of reflection. Conventional glass used in shop windows and displays reflects up to 8% of visible light. And this causes the mirror-like effect people find so distracting.

AGC Glass Europe tapped into the international AGC R&D network : an anti-reflective coating had already been developed and manufactured at AGC in Japan. Thanks to international teamwork, expertise and knowledge sharing, we were able to transfer this technology to Europe!

Clearsight is now produced in AGC’s plant in Cuneo, Italy. It is an anti-reflective glass with a special coating on either side, reducing light reflection to 0,8%, which is significantly lower than conventional glass. When viewed from the outside, the glass appears highly transparent and does not reflect its surroundings. In Europe we offer this exclusive anti-reflective coating on our highly transparent, low-iron glass and produce it on large glass panels (of 600x321).

Clearsight is practically invisible to the eye and it gives customers that all-important ‘clear view’ on the paintings and products behind the glass. Mission accomplished !


Customers need to see products in the best possible light, literally. The special anti-reflective coating minimises glare and reduces light reflection. So you get better overall visibility, light penetration and colour contrast.

Martin, Product Manager Float and Coatings


Product highlight

AGC’s exclusive Clearsight anti-reflective glass is the ideal choice for applications where a high degree of transparency and minimal reflection are required. It can be used for internal and external applications: displays, shop windows, museums, stadiums, canopies, etc or anywhere else where superb transparency and minimal reflection are required! It also offers superior scratch resistance, an undeniable benefit for places with high levels of traffic. 
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Innovation highlight

Clearsight (with double-sided anti-reflective coating) reduces the light reflection to just 0.8%, which is significantly lower than conventional glass (8%). This renders the pane of glass nearly invisible, offering greater contrast for any objects displayed behind it.


all photos taken at

Musée L, musée universitaire de Louvain-la-Neuve

Courtesy of

Musée L 
Photographer: Alexis Haulot

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