At AGC, we use our expertise to predict and build innovations to meet our customers’ needs. Our mission is to offer the best solutions for the mobility world of tomorrow while integrating energy control, comfort, safety, design and connectivity needs.


In line with the evolution of our customers, we are strongly reshaping our innovation approach. No longer just product development, we are moving towards becoming a solution and service provider. This requires more and more interaction with partners and start-ups.

Four areas of innovation to shape the future of mobility

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Energy efficiency

Faced with the obligation to reduce the car’s CO2 emissions, glass can make a significant contribution through solar control glazing, a dynamic light control glass roof and lightweight glazings.

Latest innovation

HeatControl Windshield
Wonderlight light control glass   
Low-e glass



The rise in connectivity means that we also need to create fully-connected cars. Automotive glazings are already integrating multiple invisible antennas while preserving the car’s design. We are testing new solutions to support the rollout of 5G connections. 

Latest innovation

Anechoic chamber   
Pulsaart mobility connectivity services  


Autonomous cars

Major advances are being made in the world of autonomous vehicles, which require sensors and LiDARs to operate in full safety. Glass is most probably the best material to accommodate those devices, as long as it meets their requirements. AGC glass already does.

Latest innovation

Wideye glass for LiDAR, 360° sensor integration   


Interior car design

The changes in the way we use our cars and especially the advent of autonomous cars will free up drivers and passengers to spend more travelling time on entertainment. Touchscreens and monitors resulting from this trend will require AGC’s ultra-thin and highly resistant tech glass, built to be both functional and stylish.

Latest innovation

FeelInGlass for car interior displays and decorative applications   


The Technovation Centre

The Technovation Centre is focused on improving glassmaking processes and developing new glass properties and products. With more than 300 people and 19 different nationalities working together in Gosselies (BE), the centre boasts expertise in different glass-related fields such as glass melting, surface treatment, electronics, antennas, engineering, and more.

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New expertise is necessary for the development of our product and service solutions. We are constantly seeking partnerships for our current and future challenges.

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