Innovation & Operational Excellence


We are constantly in search of innovation, not only in technology but also in the materials and services we offer. This quest is pursued from the customer's point of view, in anticipation of changes in society and in the markets on which we operate. It leads to the creation of value as the correct response to our customers' expectations. It is inevitably accompanied by a constant striving for efficiency and quality in our operations, all aimed at operational excellence.

Shaping the future with glass innovation

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I reach operational excellence through continuous improvement based on an internal knowledge management tool.

Mjahad, Automotive Division




We seek to contribute to sustainable development, thanks to the energy savings afforded by our products. But also by means of our innovative technology aimed at limiting the environmental impact of our industrial activities. In parallel we strive to maintain and even improve the health and safety conditions at work.

A positive impact on environment

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Environment is our duty for the future. It’s key for me to work for a company taking its green responsibility as seriously as AGC.

Thomas, Technovation Center




We develop fair, transparent relationships with all our stakeholders, based on best ethical practices.

We comply strictly with all applicable laws and regulations. Finally, we fulfil our responsibilities with regard to the materials and services we offer, so as to gain the confidence of our customers by satisfying them fully.

Globally committed to compliance :


I see our Ethics Code as above all offering protection: for our various stakeholders, for the company, for our personnel and for myself.

Ariane, Building & Industrial Glass division.




At AGC, diversity among our personnel is viewed as a source of enrichment for our organisation. The resulting differences of opinion and viewpoints are a source of progress for us. This means respect for individuals, whatever their race, gender, religion, culture, nationality, physical ability or impairment, sexual orientation or anything else.


Diversity at the workplace takes its full sense with the globalization of companies. In addition to creating a workplace that is inclusive of race, gender and sexual orientation, diversity of thoughts is key.

Brigitte, Technovation Centre

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