ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems


ISO 50001 (International Organization for Standardization 50001) is a voluntary standard for designing, implementing and maintaining an energy management system. ISO 50001 was developed by an ISO technical committee and originally published in 2011.

ISO 50001 provides a framework of requirements for organizations to:

  • Develop a policy for more efficient use of energy.
  • Fix targets and objectives to meet the policy.
  • Use data to better understand and make decisions about energy use.
  • Measure the results.
  • Review how well the policy works.

In the Architectural Glass Division, all factories belonging to the Upstream Operations (raw glass production) have been ISO 50001 certified or are in the process of being certified by the end of the year 2024. Some plants of the Downstream Operations (glass processing) and of the Automotive Division have also been ISO 50001 certified. Below a summary.  



Architectural Glass Division: Upstream Operations

Country Plant Initial certification
ISO 14001
Activity certification
ISO 50001
BE Lodelinsart January 2009 Coatings

in progress

BE Mol December 2009 Float/Coater/Etching certified
BE Moustier October 2006 Float in progress
BE Seneffe December 2008 Fire resistant & Specialities in progress
BE Zeebrugge December 2009 Mirror in progress
CZ Barevka May 2002 Patterned glass/Mirror in progress
CZ Teplice Coating May 2002 Coatings in progress
CZ Kryry May 2002 Mirror in progress
CZ Olovi May 2002 Fire Resistant Glass in progress
CZ Retenice May 2002 Float/Laminated in progress
DE Osterweddingen May 2005 Float/Coating/Tempered Safety certified
ES Sagunto January 2013 Float/Laminated in progress
FR Boussois January 2006 Float in progress
FR Seingbouse May 2005 Float/Coating/Laminated in progress
IT Cuneo April 2007 Float/Mirror/Coating/Laminated certified


Architectural Glass Division: Downstream Operations

Country Plant initial certification
ISO 14001
Activity certification
ISO 50001
AT Parndorf May 2005 IGU certified
BE Kempenglas December 2009 IGU  
BE Mirodan Industries December 2011 Specialties  
BE Seapane December 2009 IGU  
CZ Fenestra Global September 2004 IGU & Specialities  
CZ Processing Teplice Kryry May 2002 Processing  
CZ Processing Teplice Teplice October 2004 Processing  
CZ Stod Global Sept 2004 IGU  
CZ Hradec Kralove June 2010 IGU  
DE Belgern May 2005 IGU  
DE Häsen May 2005 IGU  
DE Hildesheim May 2005 Laminated/Tempered Safety  
DE Lauenforde May 2005 Coating/IGU certified
DE Parndorf May 2005 Tempered Safety/IGU certified
DE Plattling May 2005 Coating/IGU certified
DE Wipperfurth May 2005 IGU certified
NL AGC Nederland January 2012 IGU & Specialties  
NL Oosterwolde May 2012 IGU  
PL Opatow June 2003 IGU  
PL Silesia October 2011 IGU  
SK Malacky May 2005 Coating/IGU  


Automotive Division

Country Plant initial certification 
ISO 14001
Activity certification
ISO 50001
BE Seneffe Transportation December 2008 OEM  
CZ Chuderice February 1998 OEM in progress
ES Barcelona AVO July 2016 AVO  
FR Aniche September 2004 OEM  
UK Northampton September 2009 AVO  
HU Tatabanya December 2007 OEM certified
IT Roccasecca February 1998 OEM  
MA Kenitra December 2021 OEM  
PL Slupsk July 2005 ARG  
PL Koszalin July 2005 ARG  



Country Plant initial certification
ISO 14001
BE European HQ July 2012 Administration
BE European R&D May 2009 Research & Development
CZ Teplice HQ Sep 2004 Administration