AGC Glass Europe to refurbish its Cuneo float plant (Italy) in 2017

AGC Glass Europe has announced plans to carry out the cold repair of its Cuneo float glass line in Cuneo (Piedmont, Italy). This investment of around 25 million euros is prompted not only by the positive impact that it will have on the productivity of the plant and the expected environmental benefits, but also by the prospect of extending its current range of products.

The refurbishment including design improvements will significantly boost the plant's capacity and reduce its energy consumption, with a corresponding positive impact on its yield and product quality. The reduced energy consumption will also mean a large reduction in atmospheric emissions, with 50% less CO (carbon monoxide), 14% less CO2 (carbon dioxide) and 30% less NOx (nitrogen oxides). This improved environmental performance in turn will make the plant eligible for the energy certification system operated by the Italian government, with subsidies granted over a period of five years in proportion to the energy savings achieved.

Together with the future gains expected from the cogeneration project1, these developments will significantly boost the competitiveness of the Cuneo plant.

1: Joint venture “Wedge Power” between AGC (10%) and High Power (90%) to build and operate a cogeneration unit (combined generation of heat and electricity) on AGC's Cuneo site. The gas turbine units will produce electricity equivalent to supply the needs of 20,000 homes and enough hot water to heat some 400 homes. Together with the plant's own electricity output from a heat recovery system, the electricity purchased from the joint venture by AGC at preferential rates will cover all the plant's electricity needs.

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AGC Glass Europe

Benoît Ligot
Corporate Communication Manager

AGC in Cuneo

The AGC Cuneo plant entered service in 1963 and is now the largest glass manufacturing plant supplying the construction industry in Italy. It has one float glass line, together with downstream facilities for processing the float glass into laminated glass, mirror glass, coated glass and matt glass.
It produces two type of float glass with different thicknesses:

  • from 2 to 6 mm, mainly for the plant's own processing units;
  • from 8 to 25 mm, for the particular requirements of the furniture and interior decoration industries. These products include the blue-tinted "Linea Azzurra," much appreciated by designers.

At the end of 2015 the plant employed around 220 people.

AGC Glass Europe, a European leader in flat glass

AGC Glass Europe produces, processes and markets flat glass for the construction industry (external glazing and interior decoration), car manufacture and other industrial sectors (transport, solar power and high-tech). It is the European branch of AGC, a world leader in flat glass. It has over 100 sites throughout Europe and employs around 13,000 employees.

More information on (corporate site), (glass for the construction industry) and (for the automotive industry).