Since joining AGC in 2012, Ling Yan has contributed to the launch of a number of new AGC companies and locations. We asked Ling Yan about her involvement, the importance of risk and compliance and her own career growth.

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Meet Ling Yan, Senior Manager Legal Affairs at AGC (China) Holdings Inc. Shanghai Branch


Can you tell us about our career journey with AGC?

I joined as a graduate in 2012. At first, I imagined  I would join a department like sales or HR.  Instead, the company asked me to join the  legal department. I was very happy at the  time. Although I did not major in Law, the  company was still willing to give me a platform  to learn. I then moved through various roles in Japan, before moving to Shanghai in 2019  to take responsibility for legal issues for AGC  subsidiaries in China.

When did you first work on a major project?

I was initially trained and began working in  contract review and legal consultation. In my  second year, I first participated in establishing
a new entity. I have now  worked on three such projects  for companies in electronics and liquid crystal glass.

What’s involved in setting up a new  AGC company?

First, it is necessary to select  a location and evaluate the surrounding areas,  which involves many issues. In China, the  environment is a hot topic. We need to create an environmental impact assessment report, as well as feasibility and energy-related reports. These reports are all made by qualified consulting  companies. I liaise closely with them to get it right. If our environmental impact assessment  fails, it may affect the entire project.

What other responsibilities does the legal team have?

Process will involve negotiations with  the competent authority, and sometimes also  negotiations with clients. Laws are frequently revised in China, so legal content and company  establishment procedures must also be  researched. 


In a new set up, there will be high-risk and high-return arguments. The challenge is to find a balance between risk and return.



Where does compliance fit into the picture?

AGC attaches great importance to compliance.  Our clients trust us because of our respect for  compliance and quality control. Compliance also plays a vital role in risk prevention, which can mitigate unexpected costs and ensure business operations run more smoothly.

How have your skills developed by working  on these projects?

My role is mainly to solve problems for others. So, my information collection and problem-solving skills have been greatly improved.
Through contracting with external parties,  my own knowledge has also been greatly  expanded. My personal growth is fed back into  the department to provide better solutions,  and operational prevention and control  decisions will also gain better support.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining AGC?

If you want to take on real challenges, AGC is  going to give you a great future. 


I hope that people with the same aspirations and values can join AGC to realize their dreams together

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