AGC's Thermal Comfort Panoramic Roof adoption on the market

AGC, a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials, has developed a thermal comfort laminated glass roof covered with Low-E coating(1) combined with IR-coating(2), which has been adopted for the new Toyota C-HR launched in 2023.

AGC’s thermal comfort panoramic roof offers the biggest possible transparent opening to increase light in cabin, while keeping unique thermal comfort performances.  

The combination of the laminated technology(3) covered with IR-cut and low-E coatings, enables to reflect infra-red rays in summer while keeping heat inside the cabin in winter. As a result, the sunshade can be eliminated, which contributes to a safe and comfortable drive with more head-room while offering a large transparent view to the sky.

This unique panoramic roof contributes to sustainable mobility as it enables to reduce the use of Heating and Air-conditioning in summer and winter thanks to the thermal comfort coatings, and it offers a lighter body thanks to the sunshade removal.

The AGC Group has positioned the mobility business as a strategic business. AGC will contribute to the realization of a sustainable mobility society by providing optimal materials and solutions, as the functions required by automotive glass diversify with the advancement of CASE.


(1) IR-Cut glass: abbreviation of Infra-red cut glass. Glass covered with a special metallic coating that reduces cabin heating from the sun.
(2) Low-E glass: Abbreviation for low emissivity glass. Glass covered with a special coating that reduces heat transfer by radiation.
(3) Laminated technology: The lamination process bonds two pieces of glass together using a plastic interlayer sheet.  That lamination totally blocks UV-rays while reducing the risk of flying shards of glass or passenger ejection outside the vehicle in case of an accident.


Photos :

  • AGC Thermal comfort roof – view from inside the vehicle
  • AGC’s thermal comfort Panoramic Roof graph

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