AGC Glass Europe presents SunEwat: a new range of energy-generating facade solutions for all your needs

The key factor in a building’s image is typically its facade. In this fast-moving world, architects and designers have to adapt and evolve in an effort to comply with increasingly stringent environmental standards and cost-efficiency requirements. This is especially true for buildings, which account for about 40% of energy consumption in the EU. With this in mind, AGC Glass Europe’s Active Glass business unit is shaping the future of facades by introducing its brand-new and innovative SunEwat product range, delivering affordable energy-saving facade solutions that do not compromise on design, aesthetics, performance or quality. 

Developed in partnership with solar specialists
AGC’s new product range – developed for use in facade windows, spandrels, cladding and other applications – is the result of intensive collaboration with specially selected partners, including PHYSEE Technologies, Sonnenstromfabrik, SolTech and Solar Visuals. “By combining their expertise in solar energy with our expertise in glass, we can now supply a wide range of cutting-edge photovoltaic-embedded glass solutions,” says Xavier Sahyoun, Manager of AGC Glass Europe’s Active Glass business unit.

Seamless integration 
He continues: “The SunEwat range is a revolution compared to conventional unattractive photovoltaic panels. Our modules comply with nearly zero-energy building requirements, while offering facade designers limitless architectural and aesthetic options as well as seamless integration into buildings. SunEwat solutions are also cost-efficient, featuring record low payback periods.” 

The SunEwat range  
SunEwat products for windows are available under the names Vision Square, Vision Stripe and SmartSkin. By enabling architects and designers to take an artistic approach to vision glass elements, SunEwat Vision delivers elegant solutions that showcase the use of green energy while maintaining the glazing’s transparency and functionality. SmartSkin is a dynamic facade innovation by PHYSEE Technologies combining photovoltaics and learning sensors with a smart building management system.

SunEwat products for spandrels are marketed under the names Stopray Active, Artlite Active and Lacobel T Active. In these products, the photovoltaic cells are completely hidden behind a coating, creative designs or a coat of paint, resulting in the most aesthetically appealing rendering of a project while still delivering optimal energy generation and shorter payback times. Artlite Active, developed in partnership with Solar Visuals, is an innovative solution enabling total customisation of the cladding area with infinite possibilities for images, colours and prints. Lacobel T Active is a totally uniform solution featuring photovoltaic cells concealed behind high-quality glossy paint. Stopray Vision coatings for windows can now be matched perfectly with Stopray Active, an active spandrel version delivering an aesthetically superb project with a uniform appearance while ensuring optimal energy generation.

The future of facades   
AGC Glass Europe is the world’s leading producer of flat glass and the premier worldwide supplier of glass to the building industry as well as a major supplier to the automotive, solar and high-tech sectors. With over a decade of experience in active glass technologies and numerous successful projects completed around the world, AGC Glass Europe confirms the accelerating transition towards smart, sustainable buildings that do not compromise on aesthetics or performance.

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