AGC’s Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Generator now available in the Glass Configurator

AGC Glass Europe, a leading player in the glass industry, has launched its Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Generator, a powerful tool designed to facilitate sustainable decision-making in the construction industry. Although no third-party verification has been carried out yet, this verification is ongoing and will be announced soon. The EPDs generated by the tool follow the modelling principles set out in European standards EN 15804+A2 and EN 17074. The EPD Generator is part of the AGC Glass Configurator, which makes the process of choosing the best glazing fast and easy.

It is a fact that the construction materials and products used in a building significantly impact its environmental footprint. Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are a crucial tool for evaluating the sustainable aspect of buildings when assessing the environmental performance, or impact, of building materials and products over their entire lifetime. AGC’s EPD Generator, which is now fully integrated in the AGC Glass Configurator, is a pioneering solution that provides architects and customers with easy-to-use guidelines and transparent comparison options regarding the life-cycle assessment of various products.

While architects and engineers can consult the AGC Glass Configurator to compose the best glazing configuration, they can now go one step further by using the EPD Generator to automatically generate a specific EPD for a given configuration. The tool calculates numerous potential environmental impacts associated with a specific configuration and then delivers a comprehensive and accurate overview of its environmental performance. The EPD includes more than 30 different environmental and resources indicators, providing a detailed and insightful analysis that covers the product’s entire life cycle.   

Part of the information provided in the EPD will become mandatory information within a construction product’s Declaration of Performance and Conformity, as specified in the new Construction Products Regulation (CPR), and will therefore be mandatory for every construction product eligible for the mandatory CE marking. Moreover, the EPD is often a crucial element in obtaining sustainability certifications, such as LEED and BREEAM. Some EU national regulations encourage the use of EPD results to calculate the environmental impact for individual buildings, making EPDs a great advantage in obtaining new building permits and reflecting the growing emphasis on environmental responsibility in the construction sector.

AGC’s EPD Generator is a timely addition to the suite of tools available in the Glass Configurator, taking its place alongside the Glass Visualiser, the Product Finder, the Glass Thickness Calculator and the Acoustics Tool. These tools collectively empower customers and architects to make well-informed decisions which not only align with sustainability goals, without compromising on design or quality, but which will also serve as a basis for generating the digital product passport for the construction sector set to be made mandatory under the new CPR.

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