Elevate Façade Design: AGC's Smart Façade Hackathon Lands in Brussels!

AGC Glass Europe is hosting a Hackathon on May 23rd and 24th in Brussels for an innovative exploration of Smart Façade, addressing four key challenges:

  • Cybersecurity & buildings   
    How can the façade of our buildings be part of the solution for the cybersecurity issues companies are facing today?
  • Energy storage & harvesting   
    How can we use store energy and/or harvest energy via the facade of buildings, besides the conventional application of BIPV?
  • Building 4.0: the surroundings   
    How can technology, integrated in the façades of our buildings, contribute to a real smarter urban infrastructure?
  • Improving the lives inside buildings   
    How can we leverage the glass façade to improve the everyday lives of the people living or working in the building?

The role of the participants will be to brainstorm, to fuel creative thinking, and to structure business cases around façade glass and new applications: we're talking about intelligent, connected, interactive glass, and the material lends itself to some completely incredible applications. 

Participants will share a unique experience and create a unique business opportunity:

  • Work alongside the brightest minds in façade technology.
  • Tackle technical and creative challenges that push the boundaries of what's possible.
  • Enhance their skills with the latest technologies and methodologies.
  • Engage in a real business opportunity with AGC.

The winning team will receive a valuable prize for their outstanding performance.

AGC’s New Business Development unit is actively seeking 50 glass enthusiasts, architects, construction specialists, developers, and designers for participation. For the venue, AGC opted for the unique Nhow Bloom Hotel, renowned for its striking design and exceptional culinary offerings. 

Find out more here: https://agchackathon.be and get ready to shape the future of building technology at the AGC Glass Façade Hackathon!

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Lucille Salmon
New Business Development

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