Find out how the latest ranges of decorative glass are supporting contemporary interior design

Imaginative glass interiors


Glass has inspired style and creativity for thousands of years, from glass vessels to experimental art glass and objets d’art. It has been blown, blasted, moulded, decorated, cut, carved and stained. But advances in modern glazing mean that the material is now strong, safe and versatile enough to be incorporated into almost any aspect of interior design.

Rooms can be brightened and accented with coloured, patterned and textured glass. As well as its aesthetic value, glass brings home owners a range of practical benefits such as health and safety, acoustic and thermal insulation and even antibacterial features.

It’s easy to see why interior designers have fallen in love with glass as a way to reinvent spaces, illuminate dark corners, add airiness and create a mood. It can be transformed and endlessly recycled, making it one of the most adaptable solutions in sustainable design.




Get creative with glass in your interior design

There is a place for glass anywhere in the home today. It allows you to:

  • Make a statement and personalise your interiors with tinted glass, bespoke etched glass, painted glass in trendy colors like bronze, grey, green or different shades of blue - choosing shiny or matt finishes to suit your style
  • Be inspired by glass from AGC Glass Europe as a beautiful, hygienic and robust material for walls, splashbacks, table tops, partitions, doors and mirrored areas
  • Be confident your home is healthy and green, since glass in general is a sustainable material which is infinitely recyclable. What’s more, all the glass options listed above are Cradle-to-Cradle (Bronze and Silver) environmentally certified and emit very little VOCs (potentially harmful volatile organic compounds found in synthetic products).


Interior designers have fallen in love with glass as a way to reinvent spaces.

Sustainable comfort at home by AGC

Sustainable comfort

Better for you and better for our world: you can now save energy, create energy and enhance your wellbeing with the latest windows and glass products. Designed to be sustainable and beneficial to society, they go beyond beautiful design to create a positive impact.
Feel good at home with AGC.


Sustainable comfort by AGC





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