Discover why the latest glazing products are a beautiful way to harness solar power for the home

Enjoy the power of glass


Glass balconies, verandas and sunrooms can be impressive centerpieces - loved for the natural sunlight and airiness they lend to our living and working spaces. It’s liberating to gaze at a vast expanse of sky, with clouds passing overhead. But what if the glass in the glazed roof area, conservatory or balcony could produce energy too?

It’s now possible with the latest advances in glass. Photovoltaic cells embedded in the glass capture solar energy and convert it into electricity. A sleek and attractive alternative to solar panels, this ingenious energy-creating glass is part of the building rather than an attachment – a beautiful way to let the outside in and create clean energy at the same time.


Enjoy the power of glass 2


Control heat and create energy

Anyone who has spent time sitting behind glass will know that temperature control has traditionally been an issue. On a summer’s day, the temperature can quickly rise to uncomfortable levels. But contemporary glazing with embedded opaque photovoltaic cells restricts the transmission of heat, while still harnessing the sun’s natural energy. Glazed verandas, balconies, sun rooms and conservatories can now bring all the joy of sunshine without the risk of stifling heat – while also contributing significantly to your daily energy needs.


A beautiful way to let the outside in and create clean energy at the same time.

Sustainable comfort at home by AGC

Sustainable comfort

Better for you and better for our world: you can now save energy, create energy and enhance your wellbeing with the latest windows and glass products. Designed to be sustainable and beneficial to society, they go beyond beautiful design to create a positive impact.
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Sustainable comfort by AGC





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