Onboard at AGC since 2023, Elisa is enthusiastic about her internal audit role. She appreciates the cross-functional nature of the tasks and the collaborative culture of the teams.

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Interview with Elisa, internal auditor at AGC Europe's head office in Louvain-la-Neuve.


Why did you decide to join AGC?
After obtaining a Master in Management Sciences, I started my career as a business consultant and then continued as an external auditor in an international audit and consultancy firm. After 3 years there, I was looking for a new position with specific criteria: joining an international group, working outside Brussels and remaining in audit activities. When I started at AGC, it ticked all the boxes.

How did your integration go?
My arrival in the department went even better than I had imagined. I joined a department of 4 people in Belgium and 5 in the Czech Republic and I felt like an integral part of the team from day one. Despite the distance, we have very close day-to-day contact. We often have meetings and audits together just about everywhere in Europe, which allows us to get to know each other better. Shortly after my arrival, an international meeting was organised with representatives from Japan and the United States, which gave me the opportunity to meet my colleagues from across the world. I felt welcomed as if I'd been here forever, which really touched me.

What is your role as internal auditor? 
The purpose of the internal audit function is to provide assurance that operations are properly managed and that internal controls are correctly implemented. We do this with the Czech team across Europe. Our role is also to provide added value to the European entities, by giving them advice so that they can improve their range of processes. 

What do you enjoy most about your new job?
I particularly enjoy visiting sites and being in contact with departmental representatives. AGC is a group that operates in the architectural, automotive and other industrial sectors. The internal audit function is very cross-functional and allows us to get involved in all the divisions, which is very rewarding. 

How does your team work together?
The Belgian and Czech team are very often mixed. This organisation pushes us to excel by regularly working with different people. I also really like the solidarity that prevails on a daily basis: if one of us falls behind, we try to help as soon as we have a bit of spare time. It's a real team spirit!



We are here to help the various AGC entities improve through each of their processes.



If you were to take the values of the AGC, which one would you choose and why? 
The expression "Innovation and operational excellence" is particularly relevant to me because of my job. Indeed, the aim of the internal audit mission is to provide assurance on the degree of control over the operations and internal controls that have been implemented. We are there to give advice to the various entities in the Group so that they can improve in each of their processes. I've noticed that at AGC this desire to progress is omnipresent; it's very stimulating. 

What do you think of AGC's corporate culture?
The company culture is very healthy and respectful. AGC offers us the opportunity to take on new challenges, and the work-life balance is good. We're encouraged to become more autonomous, while being able to rely on a team that supports us whenever we need it. It's a great way to develop positively.

What do you most look forward to in your career with AGC?
Of course, I hope to be challenged and take on more responsibility over time. I also want to acquire new skills in line with the needs of the market and the company. I'm thinking, for example, of subjects that I haven't yet fully mastered, such as ESG audits, a new legal requirement that I'm very interested in.

What would you say to someone considering joining AGC?
If you're hungry for challenges and opportunities, want to benefit from the dynamism of a close-knit team and plan for the long term in an international group, this is the right place for you!


The company culture is very healthy and respectful. AGC encourages us to gain autonomy while being able to rely on a supportive team



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