As part of its roadmap to carbon neutrality, AGC is focusing on switching to new key technologies, sustainable raw materials, alternative energies and increased glass recycling to avoid process-related as well as indirect emissions.

Use of green energy

Seneffe, Belgium


AGC has taken a first step towards producing green electricity by operating wind turbines. In 2021, the first wind turbine of the group was built together with the electricity company Luminus on AGC's Seneffe site in Belgium.

At the Seneffe site, the wind turbine Enercon E92, 150m high with a capacity of 2.35 MW, has generated more than 4.25 GWh of green electricity in 2022. Most of this green electricity has been consumed on site by AGC, the rest being injected into the network. As a result, close to 1,200 tonnes of CO2 were saved in 2022. 


Wind turbine at AGC's Seneffe plant in Belgium


Contributing to a sustainable future

Contributing to a sustainable future

To ensure a sustainable future, AGC aims to be at the forefront in developing new products with better environmental performance during their lifetime and aims to reduce the environmental impact of its production processes. It is committed to its goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, taking a holistic approach with a roadmap to decarbonise the glass production processes as well as eliminate all CO2 emissions from the supply chain upstream of our processes and other indirect emissions.


Contributing to a sustainable future