AGC now offers the most high-performance insulating glass technology: exceptional thermal control in slimline glass, thanks to pioneering vacuum-insulation.

Fineo, ultimate slim design for maximum indoor comfort

For the best thermal and acoustic insulation, the only choice used to be triple glazing. But it’s a compromise: triple glazing makes for extremely thick glass, noticeably reducing light transmission. AGC is committed to developing products with better environmental performance in order to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and homes. It would be revolutionary to have glass with the comfort and performance of triple glazing, but that is as thin and light as single glazing. A challenge to take on!

slim design glass panel

< 1 cm thick

4 times thinner than triple glazing

Thermal insulation house

Exceptional insulation

same or better insulation than triple glazing


100% recyclable

Fully recyclable and lead-free


AGC had been exploring and researching vacuum-glazing innovations for several years, but the real momentum began after joining forces with Panasonic to combine their plasma screen technology for consumer electronics with AGC’s glazing expertise. Using the Panasonic technology for producing insulating glass meant AGC needed to design a production line with entirely tailor-made machines and integrate this equipment into a continuous production flow, meeting the requirements of the glass industry in terms of automation and reliability. Thanks to a three-way collaboration between Panasonic and the AGC teams from the Technovation Centre and the Lodelinsart plant (the Belgian AGC plant which houses the new production line) this unique production line was designed, constructed within 6 months’ time and is now fully operational.

The final result is a double glazing made up of two sheets of glass of 3mm thick, including one coated with a super-insulating layer, separated by a vacuum space of just 0.1mm. Small cylindrical pillars, spread throughout this vacuum space and practically invisible, prevent the two sheets from touching as a result of external pressure. 

This vacuum glazing, named Fineo, delivers the same energy performance as triple glazing with no compromise on style. By comparison with triple-glazing, a same-sized Fineo pane is 4 to 5 times thinner, and a third of the weight. With its thin profile it can integrate seamlessly into renovation projects or new constructions alike. Unlike other vacuum glazing technologies, Fineo - exclusive to AGC - has no visible evacuation port and features very slim edge seals, giving you the most unobstructed view possible. 


Fineo is a major step towards greater energy efficiency in buildings. We’re excited to see the impact Fineo will have on the construction and renovation industry.

Serge, New Business Development Manager


Innovation highlight

The new production technology involved for Fineo meant AGC needed completely tailor-made machinery, able to operate in a continuous flow for an efficient production line, and in accordance with the glass industry’s requirements for automation and reliability. With Fineo vacuum insulating glazing, AGC introduces a new generation of thin lightweight ultra-high performance glazing with unrivalled insulation power and very good light transmission. It can be combined with the existing range of AGC multifunctional glass (for solar control, security, acoustic insulation etc.) and is aimed at the market for new construction (housing and non-residential) and renovation. 
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Sustainability highlight

Fineo vacuum-insulated glass has the slim profile of single glazing, but the acoustic and thermal insulation power of triple glazing. It can easily be installed in existing frames designed for single glazing. It is a significant step towards improving energy efficiency in buildings. In addition, Fineo’s unique composition makes it fully and easily recyclable - unlike traditional double or triple glazing which includes elements like spacers and glues.

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