Proximus successfully trials innovative AGC enhanced connectivity glass antenna in Brussels

Proximus and AGC have successfully completed testing WAVEATTOCH, a new type of antenna for mobile networks, at the Proximus Tower in Brussels, Belgium.

The WAVEATTOCH glass antenna was designed for easy installation directly on glazed facades. Once installed, the antenna helps improve the coverage and the capacity of mobile networks, including those using 5G technology. The test results show that this innovative solution could help address the growing demand for high-speed mobile internet access, especially in cities.
Proximus is launching a dedicated 5G innovation platform where it will collaborate with various market players, such as AGC, to develop relevant innovative solutions that address today’s societal and business needs. Proximus will accelerate 5G rollout and guarantee both the stability and quality of mobile connectivity at a time when mobile data usage is growing sharply. 

Mobile operators face many challenges. Not only is there an ever-growing need for higher data rates and lower latency, but the development of new networks, including 5G, makes it necessary to install more antennas. Finding new sites to install antennas is a major challenge given the high number of existing sites, especially in crowded city centres like Brussels. Adding antennas to existing sites is not possible due to current EMF limitations. The rooftops and walls of many homes and buildings in urban centres are bristling with antennas, cables and transmitters – a situation that hardly anyone likes. 

Proximus and AGC have joined forces to demonstrate the efficiency and superb performance of WAVEATTOCH, a new glass antenna developed by AGC that not only integrates seamlessly into building facades, but also enables operators to accelerate deployment at low cost thanks to its ease of installation. And since the new glass antenna is transparent and installed indoors (while delivering outdoor coverage), it blends in perfectly with the surrounding urban environment. All this makes WAVEATTOCH the perfect transparent alternative to antennas in city centers to provide enhanced mobile data services at higher speeds and for more people.

The WAVEATTOCH antenna is available for most telecommunication frequencies used in Belgium and can be used with any technology (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G). In addition to WAVEATTOCH, AGC has developed the GIL (Glass Interface Layer) and WAVETHRU technologies, allowing WAVEATTOCH antennas to be being installed on any type of insulating glazed facades and ensuring that EMF emissions are within defined regulatory limits. Bernard Monville, Head of WAVE Venture explains further: “Glass antennas can be installed at lower heights and require less transmission power to cover dense urban areas, enabling Proximus to comply with one of the world's most stringent EMF standards.”

The glass antenna being tested at the Proximus Tower is a 5G antenna (3.7 GHz, 4x4 MiMo) connected to the Proximus 5G network. It was developed at the AGC research centre in Gosselies, Belgium, a state-of-the-art facility that develops and tests integrated antenna glazing technology (for buildings and cars) designed to meet growing connectivity needs. Geert Standaert, Chief Technology Officer at Proximus: “We will continue our trials with AGC. The potential for urban, dense urban and indoor configurations is promising. We look forward to more rollouts in the future.

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