AGC Glass Europe purchases green electricity from 14 Luminus wind turbines, making its production process more sustainable

Glass producer AGC Glass Europe has signed an electricity purchase agreement with Luminus for the supply of 67 GWh of green electricity. This will be helping AGC to make its existing production process in Belgium even more sustainable. This contract extends the long-term cooperation between the two companies. Luminus has already erected a wind turbine at AGC's site in Seneffe, and the two companies also intend to build a wind turbine at AGC's sites in Mol and Zeebrugge. 


Power Purchase Agreement    

The recently concluded Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) covers the entire production of fourteen Luminus wind turbines in Ciney and Dinant, and covers the annual supply of ± 67 GWh of wind energy to AGC Glass Europe over the coming years. 

Climate neutrality for AGC Glass Europe 

This long-term contract will make a significant contribution to AGC Glass Europe's roadmap towards carbon neutrality. By increasing the share of renewable energy in the total energy consumption of its Belgian production facilities, AGC, a world leader in flat glass, is making a further effort to make its production of glass for the building, automotive and other sectors even more sustainable. Thanks to the renewable electricity that will be purchased under the CPPA with Luminus, CO2 emissions at its Belgian sites will be reduced by approximately 13,000 tonnes per year.

AGC also relies on green electricity produced locally at its production sites. To this end, Luminus has already built a wind turbine at AGC's Seneffe site in 2021. This wind turbine, the first in the world for the glass producer, was also part of AGC Glass Europe's policy to achieve carbon neutrality. It avoids the emission of 1,350 tonnes of CO2 every year. In addition, Luminus and AGC intend to build a wind turbine on the AGC sites in Mol and in Zeebrugge, which should make it possible to avoid a further 4,000 tonnes of CO2

Davide Cappellino, President of AGC Architectural Glass Europe and Americas: "We are taking another big step towards climate neutrality. Together with our partner Luminus, we are taking a holistic approach to using as much renewable electricity as possible, as part of AGC's roadmap to low carbon glass production”.

Building a CO2 neutral energy future together 

Against a backdrop of geopolitical, economic and climate challenges, Luminus is more than ever committed to helping its customers reduce their energy bills and their ecological footprint.  

Grégoire Dallemagne, CEO of Luminus: "We are seeing a growing demand from energy-intensive companies in our country to cover their electricity consumption with renewable energy sources. By doing so, they reduce their energy bill and their ecological footprint while strengthening their competitiveness. AGC Glass Europe has long understood this. I would therefore like to thank them warmly for their long-standing collaboration and trust. Together we will build a CO2-neutral energy future".

The fight against climate change: a daily commitment  

For Luminus, the fight against climate change has been a daily commitment for many years. The company has been investing in the production of renewable energy for almost 70 years and is the number one in on shore wind power and hydropower in Belgium. With its 270 wind turbines, Luminus has an installed capacity of 698 MW, good for supplying more than 381,6000 households with green electricity.


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Picture below:  Luminus wind turbines in Ciney and Dinant (Belgium)

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