AGC to Unveil Sound-generating Glass at Milan Design Week 2018

AGC will unveil “Soundscape” at Ventura Centrale during the Milan Design Week, one of the world’s largest design festivals. This installation explores the sensory world of hearing, with sound-generating glass.

For this project, AGC has invited up-and-coming architect Motosuke Mandai as the creation partner for this glass-space installation. Motosuke Mandai comments : “We designed our soundscape by combining transparent glass suspended gracefully in the air with the invisible element of sound. By overlaying these two elements, we seek out new possibilities for the ephemeral, delicate, graceful medium of glass”. The sounds generated by the highly transparent, thin, lightweight glass enable visitors to experience auditory landscapes (soundscapes) in new ways. 

Sound-generating glass, currently under development at AGC, was used to produce Soundscape. It is designed with a special intermediary layer that mitigates the inherent resonance characteristics of glass. This makes it possible to produce clear, steady sounds ranging from high to low, throughout the spectrum of audio frequencies. 

At Ventura Centrale, visitors will also discover the unlimited design possibilities of AGC Glass Europe's decorative glass for furniture and interior applications.

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About Milan Design Week
The “Milan Design Week”, one of the largest design festivals in the world, has been held every April in Milan, Italy since 1961. Approximately 1,000 events (Fuori Salone) in which designers and other creative people compete with unique designs are held simultaneously during the festival at various locations in Milan, and all of these events are now collectively called “Milan Design Week.”

AGC will participate for the fourth time in the Milan Design Week.

When? From 17th to 22nd April 2018
Where? Ventura Centrale, Via Ferrante Aporti 13, 20125 Milano - Italy

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