Measuring, recording, monitoring and auditing are all essential for a good environmental management system.


An IT tool offers an integrated solution to information sharing. The reporting tool houses all of the data and permits real-time sharing of environmental accidents and notification of non-compliances and environmental information. It also allows users to establish and monitor action plans, and reporting is handled automatically. The web-based application, which users can access from any computer in the company, enables relevant sites to take action where necessary, and provides accurate environmental performance information (monthly KPIs, annual environmental reporting, etc.).


AGC Glass Europe has its own laboratories and even a mobile laboratory. These facilities work according to the latest standards, and are available for measuring emissions from the plants. Members of the Sustainability & Product Stewardship Department and environmental specialists in the Group also carry out audits on environmental topics (e.g. air, water, soil or noise). These audits are planned on an annual basis but may also be carried out on special request (e.g. for due diligence). At Group level all relevant information is gathered to review the Group’s environmental performance and compliance in the environmental management review committee.


AGC Glass Europe Mobile Laboratory


AGC Glass Europe environmental management has for a long time put great emphasis on self-monitoring, to ensure plant compliance with official obligations and to reduce the environmental impact. In the early 1990s our company set up a mobile laboratory truck, equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring systems. This work is done by a highly-skilled, experienced and dedicated team on a full-time basis. The team benefits from the technical and analytical support of the AGC Glass Europe R&D Centre in Belgium and accredited laboratories.


The measurements cover all areas relevant to the environmental management of the Group:

  • Atmospheric emissions of SOx, NOx, CO2, CO, HCl, HF, dust, metals, volatile organic compounds, etc.
  • Water flow measurement techniques and water sampling and analysis campaigns
  • Noise measurements in and around our plants.

The team’s expertise is often called upon by production managers, to make improvements to their processes in terms of reducing the environmental impacts. The measurements of the mobile laboratory provide the data needed for designing new air pollution control units or waste water treatment plants.


Management review


The Management Review Committee, made up of the Division heads, the head of Sales & Marketing and the Environmental Manager Representative, reviews the implementation and performance of the EMS and the attainment of group objectives. Also reviewed are the results of audits and non-compliance reports and the impact of new or upcoming environmental legislation on products and investments.