This management system provides support for achieving the goals of our environmental policy and managing the interaction between plants and corporate services. It enables us to identify our strengths and weaknesses, control and reduce our environmental impacts, play a pro-active role in developing towards new legislation. It also allows us to minimise environmental risks and costs and to retain and improve social trust and customer satisfaction.

Our EMS lays down the environmental policy and objectives that provide the framework for the day-to-day activities and for environmental initiatives and action programmes within the Group.


It describes the environmental roles, responsibilities and organisation at plant and group level.
It further provides a framework for communication, reporting and sharing of environment-related information and technology, for monitoring, auditing and evaluation of environmental performance, for taking corrective and preventive action and for ensuring “Green Purchasing” practices.

Finally, it includes procedures to guarantee high standards of environmental protection, compliance with existing and upcoming regulations and continuous improvement of environmental performance.


AGC Glass Europe objectives for 2020

AGC Glass Europe has selected six objectives that must be achieved by 2020 using 2006 as the baseline year.

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Reduce specific energy consumption

icon c02 green

Reduce specific greenhouse gas emissions

icon water green

Reduce specific water consumptions

icon waste green

Waste to landfill

icon reduce geen

Reduced quantity of waste generated / resources inputted

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Product design


Environmental policy

We are committed to developing a long-term process of continuous improvement to enhance environmental protection.

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environmental management system AGC Glass

Implementation and operations

AGC Glass Europe has assigned responsibilities to all relevant levels and positions within the group, has set up communication tools and established procedures to monitor compliance with legislation and our policy

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Monitoring and corrective actions

AGC Glass Europe has its own laboratories and even a mobile laboratory. These facilities work according to the latest standards, and are available for measuring emissions from the plants.

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