In 2010 AGC became the first European glassmaker to obtain C2C certification for its float glass and magnetron-coated glass. Since 2010, AGC has been continuously working towards adding products to the C2C certification.

Seven AGC product ranges have been awarded C2C certification: float glass, magnetron-coated glass, decorative glass (painted glass, acid-etched glass, mirrors), laminated glass, insulating glass, patterned glass and fire-resistant glass.


Under version 3 of C2C, certifications of the following products were renewed for another 2 years: float and magnetron coated glass (December 2017), laminated glass (May 2018), the decorative glass range (August 2018) and insulated glass (January 2019). Our patterned glass and fire-resistant glass were newly certified directly under version 3. We are excited about these new certifications as in this way AGC again demonstrates its commitment to constantly improving the environmental performance of its products.


Version 3 of the C2C product standard incorporates a number of changes, structural as well fundamental, wherein existing criteria have been toughened and new criteria added in each of the five categories. Development of Version 4 is under way at the C2C Institute and is expected to be completed in 2019.


Under the certification programme, a product receives an achievement level in each category – Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum – with the lowest achievement level representing the product’s overall mark. The Cradle-to-Cradle certified product scorecard gives the information on the achievement levels that AGC obtains in each of the five quality categories. Each C2C certification has a scorecard associated with it. This gives a detailed representation of how AGC performed in each quality category along with what we received as an "overall certification level."

C2C scorecard - float glass
C2C scorecard - Mirox mirror
c2C scorecard - stratobel laminated glass
C2C scorecard - magnetron coated glass
C2C scorecard - thermobel insulating glass
C2C scorecard - patterned glass
C2C scorecard - decorative glass - painted - acid-etched



The higher standards prompted AGC to intensify its efforts at all levels, especially for float glass, where major investments have been made in the Renewable Energy & Carbon Management Strategy. Concerning our Float Glass, Matteo Kausch, Director of Technical Development, Cradle-to-Cradle Products Innovation Institute, had this to say: "I would like to congratulate AGC on recertifying AGC Float Glass at the Silver level under version 3. I know this was a long and challenging process, but it also represents a significant accomplishment. No other product with such an energy-intensive manufacturing process has managed to achieve this so far (…)."


Under version 3 of C2C, AGC is at Silver level for float glass, just as it is for magnetron-coated glass and fire-resistant glass. Patterned glass received Gold certification level. Laminated and insulating glass received Bronze certification level. Decorative glass range of products received Silver and Bronze certifications.

C2C certification for an insulating glass product involves many more stakeholders than other glass products, because of the complexity of the product (e.g. spacer, sealants, adhesives, etc.). AGC is the first glassmaker to have undergone this process, which includes dozens of suppliers and 40 AGC plants active in the manufacturing process.


With Cradle-to-Cradle certification under version 3., AGC confirms its commitment to continually improve the environmental performance of its products.




cradle-to-cradle bronze

Laminated glass, insulating glass, Mirox MNGE mirrors

cradle-to-cradle silver

Float glass, magnetron coated glass, painted glass, acid-etched glass, lead-free mirrors and fire-resistant glass

cradle-to-cradle gold

Patterned glass