At AGC, we’ve been working together with glass for a very long time, bringing our passion and expertise to the entire process – from its original state as a simple grain of sand to the most complex projects. Day in and day out we share this passion with everyone who, like us, can clearly see that the future of glass is bright!

Glass delivers many benefits, making it the perfect choice for comfortable and sustainable living.


Discover the magic of this amazing material

In 2022 and far into the future you can count on glass – and on AGC – more than ever before. 




Discover solar control glass
The glass that avoids overheating.




Discover acoustic glass
The glass that protects against noise.



Discover the lead-free mirror 
Inspired by nature, a mirror reflects its environment



Discover anti-reflective glass
The glass that becomes invisible thanks to a special coating



Discover energy-generating glass
the glass that powers up your building


United by passion for glass

At AGC we are passionate about glass. A passion to change the world with innovative materials and technology. A passion to improve the daily life of people. United by this passion, we take on the challenges of our society. Together we shape a brighter future.

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Glass, a material that meets a growing variety of needs


Starting with transparency, glass has constantly extended its range of properties in recent years. Nowadays AGC glass meets a growing range of requirements, from interior comfort and energy control to aesthetics, safety & health, sustainable energy, infotainment and communication.

Functions of Glass

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