Glass, a positive impact on environment




of our R&D budget is dedicated to sustainable products, solutions and manufacturing

AGC carbon footprint

For each tonne of CO2 emitted by AGC Glass Europe activities, more than 9 tonnes of CO2 are avoided thanks to the use of our products!




Low-Carbon glass

With the launch of a Low-Carbon Glass range in 2022, AGC is offering its customers glass, which – from the extraction of raw materials to final installation – generates more than 40% less CO2 than our standard glass.

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Sustainable buildings

Glass is unique amongst building materials because of its ability to admit natural light. Thanks to its added-value, AGC glass products can reduce energy consumption for heating, cooling and artificial lighting all in one, and play an important role in sustainable architecture

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Glass for health
and well-being

Glass can enhance your well-being and make you feel protected.

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