Concentrating Solar Power


Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) is used to generate clean electricity from the sun, normally at utility scale. It is particularly suitable for areas with high Direct Normal Solar Irradiance (such as Spain, California and the Middle East). In CSP, a set of mirrors is used to concentrate the sun’s rays on a central receiver. This heats up a liquid which is then used to generate electricity in a conventional thermodynamic cycle.


There are five types of CSP technologies, namely parabolic trough, enclosed trough, solar power tower, Fresnel reflectors and Stirling dish. AGC Glass Europe is a producer of Solar Mirrors.


SunEwat XL


SunEwat XL is a glazing that generates power using photovoltaic technology. 
The principle behind SunEwat XL is simple: monocrystalline or polycrystalline photovoltaic cells are embedded in a sheet of laminated safety glass. The product is then installed instead of conventional construction elements in the shell of the building. Since the photovoltaic cells are built right into the glazing, it is not necessary to install a separate photovoltaic system. 


The modules are produced on request: various sizes and electrical capacities are possible and can be customised for each project. They can also be combined with other glass products: double glazing (Thermobel SunEwat XL), screen-printed glass, coloured glass, etc.


For several years now, SunEwat XL has been offering numerous applications for architects, in facades, glass roofs, sunscreens, balustrades and louvres. As technological improvements in the product make it able to withstand higher temperatures, AGC Glass Europe can offer another application for SunEwat XL: spandrels. By leveraging non-vision glass, the entire surface of the facade can now be used to generate energy, maximising the building’s energy performance.


SunEwat XL can contribute to winning points for LEED and BREEAM Green Buildings Certifications (see also our Sustainable Building chapter).