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AGC Glass Europe is the European glass branch of AGC (Japan), a world leader in flat glass. The AGC group has 200 companies in over 30 countries with 56,000 employees, focusing on 4 main business segments: Glass, Electronics, Chemicals and Ceramics.



Glass, a material to meet a growing variety of needs


Shaping the future with glass innovation

The world around us is changing fast: smarter greener cities, advanced connectivity, and new models of mobility. By reinventing glass and continuously improving what it can do, AGC makes sure that glazing is a central part of enabling these technological revolutions. 

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researchers, technicians & engineers
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of our R&D budget is dedicated to sustainable products,
solutions and manufacturing


A positive impact on environment 

We aim to be at the forefront in developing new products with better environmental performance during their lifetime. And we aim to manufacture these products using the best available technologies from the environmental point of view, in order to minimise the environmental impact. 

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AGC segments

Customer focus

The entire organisation of our group is driven by our customer. From design and production to the supply of the widest range of products and services on the market. We keep close to the customer with production plants throughout Europe and a worldwide distribution network.


4 main segments

AGC 4 main segments

Governance Council Board

Jean-Marc Meunier

Jean-Marc Meunier

CEO AGC Glass Europe
Regional President for Europe, Automotive

The Automotive Division covers the automotive and transportation glass activities (OEM and replacement glass) of AGC in Europe. It has around 8,300 employees.

Davide Cappellino - AGC

Davide Cappellino

Regional President for Europe and Americas,
Architectural Glass

The Architectural Glass Division covers the glass activities of AGC for the building industry as well as solar and high-tech applications. It has around 8,400 employees in Europe.

Emmanuel Hazard, General Manager, Finance & Business Services, AGC Glass Europe

Emmanuel Hazard

General Manager, Finance & Business Services, AGC Glass Europe

The Finance & Business Services are an internal services centre that provides services for the AGC Glass Europe group as a whole. This services centre has around 400 employees.

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