Our Vision: "Look Beyond"


Our Vision "Look Beyond" is the philosophy of the AGC Group on which all our activities are based. 

We aim to create value worldwide and demonstrate the vast potential of our Group.

"Look Beyond": Anticipate and re-think the future
"Look Beyond": Open up prospects beyond our field of expertise
"Look Beyond": Constantly pursue innovation, never satisfied to leave things as they are


Our Mission


AGC, an everyday essential part of our world
The unique materials and solutions offered by AGC make people's life better around the world every day. 

This mission expresses the value which the AGC Group offers the world, and represents its reason for being. 
As such we will continue to be the supplier of choice for our customers, by developing a long-term relationship of confidence. This relationship in turn is based on our unique materials and solutions, drawn from our wide range of products and technologies. We will pursue this path so as to meet the requirements of our customers and society alike, thus helping to improve everyday life.



Your Dreams, Our Challenge


A brand statement connecting AGC to the world

The brand statement represents AGC’s determination to contribute to the development of society by playing a part in enabling a richer, fuller life with greater comfort. It is the core message to all the stakeholders of the AGC Group. For external stakeholders, it clarifies the value that the AGC Group aims to realize, and for AGC group members, it serves as a guide in realizing our Mission.


Our stories