The windshield with triple silver coating offering seamless de-icing, heat control and energy saving all in one!

HeatControl, the multifunction windshield

Having to scrape your windshield in winter is a real burden. And even if you like the heat of the summer, getting into the heat of your parked car on a sunny day is very unpleasant. The air-conditioning and defrosting functions of your car do come in handy, but… they take time, are noisy, and energy-intensive.

What if there was a glass product that turned this burden into a comfort? AGC was eager to take on the challenge!

Seamless de-icing

Seamless de-icing

In just a few minutes

Solar protection

Solar protection

up to 15° reduction of interior heating of the car

Airco Reduction


Less use of air conditioning


AGC tapped into its broad experience with coatings to come up with a solution. The Technovation Centre developed a windshield coated with a triple silver coating. Coatings are ultra-thin layers of metal oxides deposited on glass which reinforce its solar control and/or insulating properties. This triple silver coating is multifunctional. It lets in the light but reflects the infrared solar rays (heat). And thanks to its conductive properties, the coating can heat the full surface of the glass in just a few minutes without any visible wires. 

The result: the HeatControl windshield, designed to bring all seasons comfort and energy savings. In winter, it offers a very efficient and fast de-icing solution. In humid conditions, it ensures efficient defogging and in sunny weather it reduces interior heating of the car by up to 15°C. The reduced need for air conditioning means less energy usage, having a significant impact on environmental performance.

But there is more: the HeatControl windshield can be combined with additional safety and connectivity features. The coating is neutral-coloured and it is thus a good base for the image projection of advanced Head-Up Display systems*. Moreover, areas of the coated windshield can be treated to be permeable to radio waves, that are usually reflected by the silver layers. The Heatcontrol windshield also allows invisible antenna integration.

(*) HUD systems project, within the driver’s field of vision, a virtual image that displays driving data such as speed, fuel consumption, etc.


Innovation highlight

To meet the needs of car makers AGC combined a set of integrated functionalities in a single product : the HeatControl windshield. The triple silver coating of this windshield reflects infrared solar rays (heat) and can demist and defrost the surface of the glass in a fast, seamless and silent way. Moreover, the HeatControl windshield can be combined with advanced Head-Up Display systems, feature radio-transparent areas and incorporate antennas in an invisible way.

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Sustainability highlight

The HeatControl windshield keeps the vehicle’s interior comfortable thanks to a triple silver coating reflecting the heat. On sunny days, it lowers the temperature by 10°C to 15°C and reduces the time needed to cool down the vehicle interior. This reduced need for energy-intensive air conditioning enables improved environmental performance and CO2 emission reduction of conventional cars. Moreover, it also improves the range of electric cars by making more power available for driving.

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