Luxclear: the anti-corrosion coating for durable transparency, easy maintenance and design flexibility in homes

With its invisible anti-corrosion coating, Luxclear from AGC Glass Europe is the ideal solution for shower screens and can also be effectively deployed in outdoor applications, such as balustrades and conservatories.

Leveraging the durable protection provided by its coating, its surface does not suffer from corrosion, which means there is no clouding or the stained look that typically occurs as a result of long-term exposure to moist or humid environments. Luxclear is also easier to clean and maintain since limescale deposits and soap residue are a thing of the past. Now that AGC applies the Luxclear coating in an offline magnetron process by physical vapour deposition (PVD), customers have more substrate options: Luxclear is now available on super transparent low-iron Clearvision glass as well as on Linea Azzurra, delivering a special touch with its elegant bluish edge.

Since Luxclear is especially resistant to chemical corrosion (class A under EN1096-2), it preserves the original aesthetics of the glass by limiting the corrosive process and surface degradation. Simply rinsing with clear water is sufficient to clean the glass, enabling environmentally friendly and cost-effective maintenance.

Luxclear can be processed and tempered with parameters similar to float glass of the same thickness. It can be cut into straight, circular or curved shapes, and edge grinding, drilling and notching are also routine. Special treatments, such as laminating or finishing with printing, are also possible. After final toughening at the processing plant, the end product is a robust single-pane safety glass (ESG) that can be installed directly at the end user's premises.
Luxclear comes with a 10-year warranty.

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