Halio, the smart-tinting glass system, will be on display at the Batimat show in Paris (6-10 November 2017) in the Halio Mobile Experience Room.

Halio incorporates the latest technologies to deliver four major innovations compared to active products currently available on the market: its superb neutral colour to ensure it perfectly matches conventional glazing; its lightning fast and perfectly smooth transition from light to dark (under three minutes); the option for users to halt the transition at any stage; and its smart, flexible, networked control system. Architects, specifiers, engineering consultancies, economists, investors and other key attendees will be invited to experience Halio in real life at private demonstrations in the Halio Mobile Experience Room, an exclusive, high-end demonstration facility that will be located on the esplanade at the entrance to Batimat. 

Halio is the world's most advanced natural light management system, a complete solution comprising the glass itself, a control system, exclusive algorithms and a cloud-based connection enabling the system to adapt to the building's specific needs.

Elegance, comfort and smart design

Halio lets in natural light, transforming living and working spaces into havens of light. And if it gets too bright, Halio can be darkened to let in just the right amount of light: from very light tints to nearly opaque. Transitions are smooth, silent and fast (under three minutes). The tinting starts instantly and can be stopped whenever the desired shade is reached. Halio blocks outs direct solar glare and scales down incoming energy for optimal comfort. With Halio, occupants remain connected to the outside environment and enjoy a completely unobstructed and invigorating view. At its darkest, Halio offers a degree of privacy simply unimaginable with conventional glass. When used for partitions, it can create open rooms that can go from bathed in light to private at any time; an ideal solution for meeting rooms and private offices.

In its clear state, Halio looks absolutely identical to conventional glass. Halio is made with extra-clear glass to deliver superb neutrality and transparency, yielding a high colour rendering index of 97%, letting in maximum levels of natural light and ensuring perfect colour rendering.  The colour rendering is maintained even at very low light transmission levels, creating private spaces with a neutral ambiance in which colours are not distorted. Architects are free to design inspiring creations in which glass plays a major role, with harmonious and pure lines, free of blinds, shutters or invasive conventional solar shading systems. 

Halio is very easy for the user to control using a wireless, intuitive and networked interface: switch, app, voice command. Halio can also be integrated into building management systems and home automation systems. With its exclusive algorithms, Halio can automatically adjust to the building's specific needs while taking account of multiple criteria, such as the building's function, its location, the orientation of its facades, and weather conditions. Halio features a remote centralised management system enabling users to evaluate the status of system components in real time so as to ensure automated, proactive and responsive operation.

Added value for the building

Halio is the result of the latest technological advances and is protected by 56 patents. It can significantly increase the rental and resale value of the building. Halio delivers savings of up to 22% on heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting. Halio can also help obtain points in building certification systems (HQE, LEED, BREEAM, WELL).

Halio will be on display at the Batimat show in Paris, France (6-10 November 2017) in the Halio Mobile Experience Room. Visits are private and by invitation only. Anyone who does not have the chance to visit the Halio Mobile Experience Room can experience Halio virtually using the tool at www.halioexperience.com.

Halio is the result of a strategic partnership with Kinestral Technologies (US). The industrialisation phase will launch in 2018, with Halio available by mid-2018. For more information: www.halioglass.eu.

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