AGC's Technovation Center in Gosselies opens its doors on the occasion of the International Year of Glass

The year 2022 has been proclaimed "International Year of Glass" by the United Nations (UN). The UN recognizes glass as one of the most versatile and transformative materials in history. By opening the doors of its Technovation Center (Research Center) in Gosselies, AGC wishes to show that it is preparing for the future through intelligent and ecological glass innovations for both the automotive and building industries.

Glass manufacturing has evolved over time, towards less and less energy-consuming production processes. Glass itself is a fully recyclable material.

To meet the needs of increasingly connected mobility, AGC is developing new technologies such as invisible antennas integrated into the glass, windshield-mounted lidars for autonomous vehicles, and augmented reality windshields displaying all useful information at eye level.  To contribute to the ecological footprint of the electric car, AGC is developing glass with ideal thermal performance, photovoltaic roofs to improve battery life, and "green" encapsulations.

Innovative products for the construction sector will support the development of tomorrow's smart and sustainable cities. They include connectivity solutions through glazing to enable or block cell phone use, properties that enable enhanced thermal insulation of buildings - with vacuum insulation glass - while allowing occupants to benefit from natural light, and enjoy the warmth provided by free solar energy. AGC has also developed advanced glass solutions tailored to the demands of the horticulture market, focused on optimizing healthy and profitable crops. 

This Friday, 29 April and Saturday, 30 April, AGC is offering everyone a unique opportunity to make a journey to the center of glass, visit its laboratories, learn about the diversity of research areas and the start-up spirit that drives specific topics. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover how researchers are developing, in Gosselies, the glass of tomorrow: ever greener and more connected.

Sunday, 1 May will be a day reserved exclusively for the Technovation Center’s employees and their families. 

At AGC, we are passionate about glass, a noble and sustainable material. Day after day, our employees share this passion with all those who clearly see that the future of glass is bright. AGC's promise: you'll never look at glass the same way again after this visit!

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