AGC Glass Europe unveils new Stopray solar control coatings

AGC is expanding its range of solar control glass products to meet growing demand for enhanced-neutrality solar control glazing. With climate change leading to more frequent and longer periods of heat and customers increasingly demanding higher levels of light transmission in order to more effectively and efficiently harness natural daylight, AGC Glass Europe has responded by releasing three new Stopray products that focus on delivering high selectivity, a colour-neutral appearance and low reflection.

Stopray Ultraselect 60/27 solar control glass features a triple silver coating that delivers superb selectivity (S = 2.22) and an excellent solar factor of just 27%, effectively protecting rooms from overheating during the summer and thereby reducing the load on the air-conditioning system. While its high light transmission (60%) ensures abundant daylight indoors and bright rooms all year round, its low light reflection of just 11% (external) and 15% (internal) ensures excellent transparency, which combines with its superb neutrality to deliver an undistorted view. With a U-value of just 1.0 W/(m²K), this product helps prevent rooms from cooling down in cold temperatures, which in turn saves on heating costs and benefits the environment.

Two other additions to the AGC range are Stopray Neutral 60/33(T) and Stopray Neutral 50/27(T), both featuring a double silver coating and superb neutrality, making them ideal for architectural applications. The toughenable (T) versions of both products can be perfectly combined in a facade alongside their non-toughened counterparts since they are identical in appearance and deliver the same visibility. This comes into play, for example, when flat panes are to be installed alongside curved panes in the facade and an identical appearance is required. Stopray Neutral 60/33(T) delivers excellent light transmission (60%) and a high solar factor (33%), resulting in bright rooms that are protected from overheating. For even more solar control, Stopray Neutral 50/27(T) still delivers respectable light transmission (50%) and even more powerful solar control (27%). Its low reflection of just 13% (external) and 11% (internal) minimises excessive reflection from artificial lighting and delivers superb visibility, especially at night, while its low U-value of just 1.0 W/(m²K) means lower heating requirements on cold days. 
The above values are for double glazing units, but the solar control glass is also available as triple glazing insulating glass units.

All existing products in the Stopray range have been awarded Cradle to Cradle Silver Certification and are also available in Low-Carbon Glass variants as part of AGC’s new low-CO2 production process. By using our Low-Carbon Glass, architects and planners can improve the classification of their buildings in environmental certifications awarded under DGNB, LEED, BREEAM, etc.

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Photo: Rendering Stopray Neutral 60/33 -  © AGC Glass Europe

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