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AGC Automotive glass solutions, driving clearly ahead

As vehicle design has evolved, glass now covers more than ever before. That glass has evolved too, enabling better vision, clearer communications and greater safety & comfort. Discover the wide range of AGC's advanced glass solutions for the entire vehicule set.


Stay focused on the road with AGC’s windscreens

AGC goes above and beyond to produce quality glass ensuring the driver has an optimal view.  Solutions are available to enhance visibility in all weather conditions by repelling water or technologies to remove fog or frost from the windows. Head-up displays help the driver stay focused on the road. AGC’s automotive glass also protects vehicle occupants and possessions through laminated glazing applied to the windscreen or filters integrated in the glass to block ultraviolet (UV) rays, harmful for the skin.

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Brilliant light control with AGC’s sunroofs

Small or panoramic, with an AGC Automotive sunroof, the sky is the limit! With AGC's wonderlite light control glass, on-demand control of the amount of light and heat entering the vehicle are at the simple touch of a button. In a few moments, the glass switches from dark to clear. And it protects your skin,  thanks to blocking ultraviolet (UV) rays.

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AGC’s backlites for staying connected in style

People want to be seamlessly connected, from home to office. Vehicles are becoming more and more connected. Connectivity requires increasingly powerful antennas. By designing and incorporating high performance antennas into vehicle glazing, AGC Automotive is ensuring advanced technology does not spoil the lines of the vehicle. Glazing also contributes considerably to the look and the aesthetics. Dark tinted glass not only gives an elegant, stylish look, but it also ensures privacy, and helps maintain comfortable temperatures in summer by preventing heat from entering the vehicle.

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Comfort and safety thanks to AGC glass for side windows

Drivers and passengers spend time in their vehicle or on public transportation, making the wellbeing of occupants highly important. AGC Automotive develops glazing technologies that greatly reduce noise and increase thermal comfort in summer for a more pleasant journey . AGC’s automotive glass also protects the vehicle occupants through tempered glazing ,  Laminated glass solutions or filters integrated in the glass to block ultraviolet (UV) rays, harmful for the skin. 

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