Glass Unlimited


The AGC Glass Europe baseline is "Glass Unlimited." Unlimited in its potential for building glass (external glazing and interior decor), automotive glass and industrial glass (solar, transport and high-tech). In its glass innovations thanks to sustained research within the AGC Group, the world's largest glass maker. In its production plants spread over the whole of Europe and its worldwide commercial network. And thanks to its 16,000 employees.

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Building & Industry

Thanks to its expertise in glass composition and coating, AGC Glass Europe strives to offer the best architectural response to requirements for light transmission, thermal or acoustic insulation, solar control, security, aesthetics and energy generation. Plus new solutions offered by glass in the fields of communication and connectivity.

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AGC Glass Europe supplies nearly all the big car manufacturers, offering them a complete range of windows (windscreen, side windows, roofs and backlites) featuring the latest technological accomplishments: panoramic windscreens with complex shapes, heated windscreens, head-up display, variable light transmission and much more besides. It supplies the automotive industry with OEM and replacement glass, and also serves the transport industry (train, tram and bus glass).

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