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Are you a glass professional: specifier, architect, builder ...? Then http://www.yourglass.com/ is the AGC Glass Europe site for you, dedicated to our large range of products for construction and interior decoration. Here you will also find the Glass Toolbox, with powerful interactive tools such as Glass Configurator, Product Finder, Image bank etc. 



Go to http://www.agc-automotive.com/  for a comprehensive range of automotive glazing: windshields, side windows, rear windscreens, panoramic roofs. With advanced features: heated windshields, infrared and UV protection, head-up displays … 



Or are you more interested in glass generally for the habitat? Then you should check out  Inspiration glass solutions for your home presenting the many solutions offered by glass for thermal and acoustic insulation, solar control, safety and interior design.



Discover http://www.agc-solar.com/ for glass for solar applications : concentrating solar mirrors and photovoltaic panels (electricity generation) and thermal solar panels (production of hot water).