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The world’s leading power in flat glass

AGC Glass Europe forms part of the world’s leading power in flat glass: AGC Glass. Based in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), AGC Glass combines all the AGC activities in production, processing and distribution of flat glass.

Tooley Street

A business oriented organisation

AGC Glass Europe is made of 2 divisions : Building & Industrial Division and Automotive Division. Those divisions are supported by the Europe Service Center offering business support functions to both. The whole organization is managed by a Governance Council Board composed of the company’s CEO and the General Managers of the 2 divisions and the Europe Service Center.

Building & Industrial Division

This division produces, processes and distributes glass for the construction industry (façade glazing and glass for interior decoration), for high tech (thin glass) and for solar applications.  Its operations are run by Primary Operations, Primary Sales, Fabrication and Industrial Glass.

  • Primary Operations are responsible to supply raw glass to its own division and to the Automotive Division. Raw glass is glass in large dimensions (generally 6 x 3.21 m) : float, coated glass (online or offline), patterned glass, laminated glass, fire-resistant glass and mirrors. Raw glass is destined for internal processing within the 2 Divisions, or sold for external  processing by the customers themselves.
  • Primary Sales and Distribution (RDC) are in charge of selling and distributing raw glass to customers.
  • Fabrication is responsible for processing raw glass into finished building products though the Fabrication plants.
  • Industrial Glass is responsible for developing and marketing thin glass for high tech application and solar glass. 

The Division also performs different functions (Strategic marketing, Supply Chain, Purchasing and, partially, Finance & Control and HR) in support of its own activities.

Automotive Division

The Automotive Division produces, sells and distributes a comprehensive range of automotive glazing (windshields, side windows, rear windscreens, panoramic roofs) for the OEM market (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and the ARG market (Automotive Replacement Glass). Its AVO units (Added Value Operations) add one or more components to automotive OEM glazing (fittings, antennas, rain sensors...) while the ARG activity operates distribution centres and fitting stations
The division also provides added-value products and service in transportation glass for the rail, maritime and specific vehicles markets.

The Division also performs different functions (Strategy Marketing, Supply Chain, Purchasing and, partially, Finance & Control and HR) in support of its own activities.

…supported by a regional Service Center

The Europe Service Center brings together support functions that meet the 2 Divisions’ requirements and are not specific to one of them. On the one hand, it includes different competence centers offering expertise in communication, public affairs, CSR, environment, risk management, J-Sox, tax management, consolidation, treasury, legal affairs and, partially, HR. On the other hand, it also accommodates the Shared Service Center dealing with transactions in the fields of invoices (customers/suppliers), bank payments, VAT and payroll.