Our environment policy has a double focus



We aim to be at the forefront in developing new products with better environmental performance during their lifetime.




And we aim to manufacture these products using the best available technologies from the environmental point of view, in order to minimise the environmental impact.




of our R&D budget is dedicated to sustainable products, solutions and manufacturing



For each tonne of CO2 emitted by AGC Glass Europe activities, nearly 10 tonnes of CO2 are saved thanks to the use of our products!


Our approach


Our Environmental Management System

AGC Glass Europe has an Environmental Management System providing support for achieving the goals of our environmental policy

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Our Environmental Objectives

At AGC group level, key performance indicators for environment have been selected. The targets must be achieved at group level by 2020.

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Assessing our global environmental footprint

We have developed a holistic approach to fully assess our environmental footprint, an integrated approach embedded in the fabric of our production processes, product innovation and services.

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Focus on manufacturing with better environmental performance

Our production processes have an impact on environment. AGC Glass Europe is committed to develop and continuously improve our production processes in order to reduce the environmnental impact

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Focus on products with a better environmental performance


Energy saving products

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Energy generating products

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Environment-friendly materials

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Sustainable Buildings

Glass is unique amongst building materials because of its ability to admit natural light and solar heat. Thanks to its added-value, AGC glass products can reduce energy consumption for heating, cooling and artificial lighting all in one, and play an important role in sustainable architecture

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