Registration & role of AGC Glass Europe as article producer


The final products that AGC Glass Europe puts on the market and supplies are not substances or mixtures, but articles. Articles are not entitled to be supplied together with a Safety Data Sheet, so this also applies to AGC Glass Europe products. 

The glass itself, which is the basic constituent of AGC Glass Europe products, is exempted from registration following Annex V.11. 


AGC Glass Europe is mainly a downstream user of substances and mixtures, in order to produce its own products. In this case, AGC Glass Europe takes care that its suppliers have registered their substances and are in compliance with REACH Regulation. From the beginning of REACH scope, AGC Glass Europe is discussing with its suppliers to ensure that AGC uses and its customers uses are considered and registered by its suppliers.


SVHC on the Candidate List for Authorisation, substances tracking and information in the supply chain

AGC Glass Europe has a long time policy of avoiding as much as possible the presence of dangerous substances in its products. However, if it would appear that a SVHC in the Candidate List is present in a concentration above 0,1% w/w in an AGC Glass Europe product or in one of its part (sub-article), AGC Glass Europe would provide the recipient of the product with all the relevant information pursuant article 33.1 of REACH Regulation.  

Also, if it would happen that the conditions of article 7.2 of REACH Regulation are met, AGC Glass Europe would notify the Agency accordingly. 


Restrictions under REACH Regulation

Annex XVII of REACH Regulation contains the list of restricted substances, specifying which uses are restricted. AGC Glass Europe takes great care to comply with those restrictions, according to article 67. 




Other legislations or references

Besides REACH regulation topics, the Corporate Sustainability & Product Stewardship Department responds to other legislative concerns or customers' questions related to chemicals management in products.