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Acoustic insulation glass

In today's busy environment, tranquillity and comfort are something we all long for.

Noise is all around us; it simply cannot be limited to its source. As a result, we have to protect ourselves as best we can. To this end, AGC Flat Glass Europe offers a range of acoustic insulation glasses to keep noise out without affecting the amount of natural light entering a room.

Do you live on a noisy street? Well, Thermobel Phonibel of AGC Flat Glass Europe offers the perfect solution - this type of glass is very effective and offers long-lasting protection. Thermobel Phonibel double glazing combines several fundamental elements of acoustic insulation - thicker glass, asymmetric assembly (using glasses of different thickness), a wider air space, Stratobel laminated glass (see the Safety Glass leaflet) or acoustic laminated Stratophone glass. This final option includes a PVB film with higher acoustic insulation properties than ordinary PVB films. This means that Thermobel Phonibel truly offers protection against noise.