REACH Regulation came into force on 1 June 2007 and organises the management of chemicals in the European Economic Area (EEA). REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. That regulation requires for example:

  • That all substances on their own or in mixtures manufactured or imported in the EEA from 1 ton per year and per manufacturer or per importer have to be registered.
  • That information on substances has to be communicated up and down the supply chain.

AGC Glass Europe complies with REACH Regulation.

The glass itself, which is the basic constituent of AGC Glass Europe products, is exempt from registration following Annex V.11.

The final products that AGC puts on the market and supplies are not substances nor mixtures, but articles. AGC is mainly a downstream user of substances and mixtures, in order to produce its own articles. In this case, AGC takes care that its suppliers have pre-registered or registered their substances and are in compliance with REACH Regulation. From the beginning of 2009, AGC is discussing with its suppliers to ensure that AGC uses and its customers uses are considered and registered by its suppliers.


In some cases, AGC can be an importer of substances, so we are preparing for the REACH registration deadline of 2018.

AGC Glass Europe has a long standing policy of avoiding as much as possible the presence of dangerous substances in its articles. This is emphasize via the Cradle to Cradle certifications that AGC has on a wide range of its building products. However, if it appears that some SVHC that may become subject to Authorisation (Candidate List) are present in our articles, we are providing our recipients with all the relevant information pursuant Article 33.1. Our communication is done through our REACH declaration (available on our YourGlass product website) and through more particular declarations to recipients of the articles.

Besides REACH Regulation topics, Corporate Sustainability & Product Stewardship Department responds to other legislative or customers questions related to chemicals management in products.