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AntiBacterial GlassTM: The world's first antibacterial glass

The first of its kind in the world, AGC's AntiBacterial GlassTM kills 99.9% of bacteria and prevents the spread of fungi. It constitutes a major innovation in combating hospital-caught infections.

As with most groundbreaking inventions, the principle behind AntiBacterial GlassTM is relatively simple. The process patented by AGC Glass Europe entails applying silver to the upper layers of the glass: when it comes into contact with bacteria, the silver blocks their metabolism and/or disrupts their cell-division mechanism and in so doing destroys them.

AGC's AntiBacterial GlassTM has been tested by university laboratories and the results independently validated using protocols based on European and Japanese standards. The glass can be used in a wide variety of surfaces, from vision glazings and wall coverings to mirrors. This innovative solution can therefore be used anywhere where a sterile environment is required (partitions and windows in hospitals, bathrooms, hotels and so forth).

When it was launched back in 2007, AntiBacterial GlassTM was honoured with the Batimat d’Or, the highest prize awarded (across all categories) at Batimat, the world's largest international construction trade fair held in Paris. The Batimat d'Or recognises and promotes innovation in the construction industry.


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